Business Workshops in Perth

Craig O’Brien’s focus is to grow businesses and the leaders within them.
That’s why all Craig O’Brien workshops are outcome focused, not just talk and feel-good sessions. Workshops should be an investment in growth—either for the business itself or the leaders within.


Are workshops and training effective?

Workshops and training can be highly effective when designed to focus on specific objectives that drive business centric outcomes. They must deliver clear and agreed actions for those attending that are measurable and continuously reviewed.

Have you, or can you measure the return on your previous investments?
Craig works with your business to understand and identify the most effective ways to boost the return on your workshop and training investments. Discover ways to create positive measurable returns on your training and workshop investments.

Business workshop topics include:
Boosting Profits
Leadership and delegation

• Creating a healthy business environment
• Creating a customer-centric culture
• Boosting sales outcomes
• Successful business team design
• Promoting teamwork and communication
• Business SWOT analysis workshop



Business Workshops Perth
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