Are you ready for a change? Show no fear, take a well prepared and proven step towards new success in your business.

We’ve all made mistakes. Lost a friendship, lost a customer – and wished we’d handled the situation better. We’ve all recognised a ‘learning opportunity’, resolved to do things differently next time, then become busy and moved on.

But wishing and hoping gets you nowhere. Only ACTION moves you forward!

Could you be providing better solutions for your clients and your staff? Could you be investing more time in your family and friends – or yourself? 

The honest answer for the majority of us is, yes, there is room to improve. And when we gain this self-awareness, we should not see this as failure, but an opportunity.

Over the next month, why not Take 5 and challenge yourself to a small improvement in four areas of your life.

  1. As a collaborator, select one area in your business where you and your team can provide a better client experience – and make a change. 
  2. As a leader – select one area of team interaction where you can better guide or support team members with positive praise and thanks.
  3. As a friend or family member – take the time to reach out to others in person. It could be as simple as a quiet coffee or a long-overdue lunch with a friend.
  4. For you – treat yourself to an indulgence. Be inventive – do something ‘out of the box’.

The last point is often sadly overlooked. In fact, if you do only one thing in the next month, it should be this. 

I appreciate that as a business leader. you are busy. But I urge you to reflect. If you do not treat yourself well, you limit your ability to lead.

Many of my clients have told me they consider it selfish to take time off for themselves. But is it selfish to recharge, so you can be the best version of yourself when at work or with family and friends?

The more you invest in yourself and in your own mental health and fitness, the better the solutions, outcomes and life successes will be achieved.

I invite you to Take 5, then get in touch and let me know how you go with your improvements, both professionally and personally. 

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