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Business Sales Coaching in Perth

Is your business falling behind the competition? Are your sales team struggling with unqualified leads, missed sales goals, and lost opportunities?
Successful businesses and sales leaders all have one thing in common. They never stop upskilling their staff.
Craig O’Brien’s high-performing sales coaching takes sales to the next level in five ways.

1. Define: I’ll coach your sales team to define goals and strategies designed to maximise their sales energy, focus, and engagement.

2. Perform: I’ll coach your sales team to develop habits that empower them to reach their goals and get the most out of their time.

3. Instruct: I’ll deliver direct, immediate advice for less experienced staff and employ facilitative approaches for the more experienced.

4. Develop: I’ll assess your team’s skill and knowledge to develop their best attributes and strengthen weaknesses.

5. Motivate: I’ll go beyond relying on the company’s quota and compensation plan to motivate your sales team. My coaching methods trigger underlying motivators that sustain intrinsic sales energy, action, and motivation.

Most popular sales coaching sessions in Perth

Business Sales Coaching Perth

Sales Health Check

Identify where and how your sales strategies are failing to meet targets.

I guarantee measurable results.
Craig O’Brien

Sales Health Check coaching is a three-step process designed to:
• give you a clear assessment of your sales strengths and weaknesses;
• identify where the opportunities for improvement lie; and
• rank your sales performance against your competitors.

Sales Relationship Quadrants

Sales Relationship Quadrants

Discover winning strategies to boost client sales, foster external partnerships and grow your market.

I’ll have you driving sales and creating unprecedented success in no time.
Craig O’Brien

Sales Relationship Quadrants
Can help you:
• boost existing client sales;
• create a new client sales base or grow the existing;
• generate external partnerships; and
• bolster internal clients, the sales team and strategic alignments.

Creating a Sustainable Sales Ecosystem in Perth

Creating a Sustainable Sales Ecosystem

Grow your profits by learning to create sustainable external and internal sales relationships.

I’ll help you increase sales, restore balance to your business plus give you your life back.
Craig O’Brien

Creating a Sustainable Sales Ecosystem is designed to help you:
• boost sales using client-centric growth;
• use sales data and analytics to drive success; and
• correlate sales data with bottom-line performance.


Business Psychometric Profiling

Psychometric Profiling

Learn how to clarify to what percentage your staff contribute to or detract from sales profits.

I’ll show you how to boost sales by measuring employee compatibility and aptitudes.
Craig O’Brien


Psychometric Profiling to Boost Sales can help you to:

  • perform team management profiling;
  • DISC profiling;
  • implement the 360-degree feedback systems to foster a healthy work culture;
  • gain from clients surveys;
  • capture financial data using time saving strategies; and
  • benchmark sales teams skill sets.

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