What happens when you have a stress free customer experience?

Better business solutions, deliver better outcomes and in the process create a better life for you and your customers.

This better business solution revolves around needless FRICTION POINTS that you, your team and most importantly your customers suffer. Some of these friction points will result in a significant loss of business, a decline in customer satisfaction and reduced revenues.

The support I provide to my clients often revolves around Friction Points and in finding practical solutions to these issues.

Successful business leaders who open their minds to creating frictionless engagement outcomes discover a new and proactive way of viewing client relationships.

 So, step away from your desk, remove all distractions and let’s see how you can also get started on your frictionless customer journey, towards a better life.

Creating frictionless outcomes
To sustain your business in the long-term, you need clients who are lifelong champions. This requires “Frictionless Engagement” – a unique customer experience. Every customer’s interaction with your business, at any level, should be conducted with ease and be positive and memorable.
Here are a few simple examples of frictionless customer experiences;  

  • User-friendly e-commerce solutions, so your customers have your product in their home faster
  • Easy-read product explanations that reduce the need for customers to call or email you
  • Salespeople who work collaboratively with customers to find a frictionless solution and outcome.

Your product, platform and your people and all interactions with your clients must continuously deliver exceptional experiences reflecting your core culture and brand.
This process can take as little as five minutes as you reflect on areas where there may be friction. Ask one or two customers and staff members to help you identify potential friction points for improvement. Often, changes can be simple and affordable and no matter how small they appear, if one customer experience is enhanced, there may well be improvements for many.
There’s no need to find every issue. Simply identify five points of friction that could be resolved to improve the customer experience.
Call your team together – or if you’re a solopreneur, remove all external distractions – examine each issue in turn and seek one solution at a time. Then sit back and observe the positive impact of a frictionless environment!

Frictionless Solutions, Create Better Business Outcomes and in turn, a Better Life!

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