“If you want success, keep your business executives, company teams, and employees inspired.”

Craig O’Brien

Craig O’Brien – Speaking engagements designed to inspire, stimulate, encourage, persuade and provoke.

Perth Guest Speaker

I inspire better business outcomes by motivating teams to achieve:
• Outstanding leadership
• Exceptional financial and sales results
• Leading market and corporate communication strategies
• Visionary product innovation and commercialisation
• Global relationship building and strategic influence
• Forward-looking business growth

Business Phases: Evolution or Extinction

Business Phases: Evolution or Extinction

What phase is your business in? Is your structure flexible enough to evolve with market trends or will it face extinction?

I’ll get your team thinking and inspired to plan forward.

Identify what phase your business is in. Is it evolving or heading for extinction? Stimulate forward planning to maximise outcomes for each phase.

Take-home points include:

  • How to identify where a business is in its life cycle.
  • Why investing in proven systems and people in each phase is critical to success.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of unintentional decline. Craig O’Brien
Value-base Business Model: Success Guaranteed

Value-base Business Model: Success Guaranteed

Is your business looking for a new source of inspiration, innovation and motivation to increase profits?

I’ll help your team see how internal culture can inhibit or foster business success.

Discover how a values-based business model boosts performance in all sectors.

Take-home points include:

  • Employees find alignment between their values and the organisation’s values thus creating a unified and motivated workforce.
  • Managers and leaders set examples for employees to admire and follow.
  • The business remains strong yet flexible in the face of change or competition.
  • Employees remain productive committed, and loyal.
  • Inspiration and innovation becomes intrinsic in the workplace culture. Craig O’Brien
Making Business Success Simple

Making Business Success Simple

Are you finding success hard work? Would you like business to be more straightforward?

I’ll pave the way forward for leaders within your business to rise in a way that removes the onus from one or two key personnel.

Explore tools, tips and information that help grow your business, yet keep it simple.

Take-home points include:

  • Creating leaders that delegate, defuses the burden of success on the owner/manager.
  • Focusing core services prevents overreaching and failure from market dilution.
  • Identifying the most critical business challenge will resolve many minor ones.
  • Using data to validate ‘hunches’ will keep business ahead of the competition, but without the worry. Craig O’Brien

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