There’s no I in Team – but how about You?

There’s no I in Team – but how about You?

Are you struggling to engage and energise your team?

Does the lion’s share of work always rest with you?

Do you feel constant pressure to deliver more?

You’re not alone.
Fifty-five percent of Australian business leaders say they often make up for the shortfall within their team.

I speak to many business leaders who admit they are compensating for skill gaps within their team, they then find themselves counting the personal cost – and the reduced opportunities for business growth.
The question I hear most often is, “How do I get a team that works well together and will consistently deliver positive outcomes, without me doing the lion’s share of work?”

Successful, high-performance organisations ensure that teams have full coverage in specific business areas. Unfortunately, very few businesses have every key role adequately covered and as a result, critical gaps can occur within the business, with negative impacts.

The common gaps
There are two areas that regularly appear as critical gaps in teams.
1. Amazing deal closers.
Unfortunately, too many people are ‘all talk’ and there is always an excuse when deals are not successful.

2. Advanced administrative support. 
Key support workers who can provide live, up-to-date information regarding all operational issues and/or tasks you have going on in your business.
Item number 2 creates the greatest number of headaches and distractions for business leaders when the relevant support in not in place.

Key performance factors for a cohesive team
In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, a cohesive, well-designed team is critical.
Whether you have built your team from scratch or inherited it from a former leader, it’s critical to undertake a regular team review.
Do you have the essential ingredients for sustainable success?
By understanding the key performance factors and types of work functions that will energise your team members;
you can determine the most effective method to achieve optimal team performance.

Engage your team in this learning journey, and you’ll find team members brought closer together and working more effectively by exploring how they:
• relate to each other
• gather information
• make decisions• organise themselves

Optimal structure for elite-performance enterprises
The optimal team design has a combination of roles, ensuring coverage of critical business drivers. 

These roles include those who:
• will seek out new business opportunities
• are innovators and provide out-of-the-box solutions
• review and develop opportunities, ensuring smooth business integration
• are proactive organisers
• have the drive to deliver measurable outcomes
• offer supervisory skills
• ensure all records are maintained• act as information controllers and provide reports
• are intra-team bridge builders who nurture collaboration and communication.

Time for a self-audit
Ask yourself:
1. Where are the gaps in my team?
2. What impact are these gaps having on my business outcomes?
3. What tasks and decision-making can I delegate?
4. How can I develop team members to become subject-matter experts in an area?

Successful leaders ensure coverage of all key roles, with the best resources operating as subject-matter experts supporting positive client outcomes.
This ensures sustainability in business, robust processes and best-in-class client service.
Better Business Solutions, Better Business Outcomes and A Better Life.

I don’t just promise measurable solutions, I deliver them.
I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss any team performance issues you might be facing.

Contact me – Craig O’Brien.

Do you need a coach?

Do you need a coach?

We’ve all heard about trying to make a distinction between need and want. It’s an age-old tussle that is effectively applied to committing to a coach relationship.

The new year is now well underway and full of potential – and it’s a time many of us ponder the future of our business.

Are you brimming with confidence and ready to go?

Or do you have doubts and not sure which way to turn?

Many clients contact me in February following a summer break, needing to make significant decisions about their future. But there are also decisions you’ll need to make before you embark on a coaching partnership.

No-one needs a coach. Successful coaching partnerships that create positive and sustainable outcomes happen when you want a coach. A coach will help to produce results beyond those achieved in your day-to-day pursuits, both in business and life.

Working with a business coach is not for everyone. You need to be open to feedback and ready to make changes – and not all of them are easy.

To help you decide if now is the time to begin working with a coach, I’ve developed two quick checklists.

Five reasons NOT to engage a coach;

  • You know your business better than anyone else.
  • Life is busy – you have no time to spare.
  • You’re already stressed enough.
  • You don’t want to be told what to do.
  • Some issues are private and not for discussion.

If this sounds like you, coaching might not be for you right now. A coaching partnership is a deep dive not only into your business but for the business leader as well. There’s a need for honesty and real commitment to change.

Five reasons you SHOULD partner with a coach;

  • You’re facing an increasing level of overwhelm, stress and complexity as you seek to sustain your business.
  • You constantly read articles about improvement, try new things, but are unable to gain any headway.
  • You are ready for a constructive challenge. A coach will help you change your way of thinking to impact outcomes positively.
  • You yearn for a focus that provides clarity, passion, purpose and energy. A coach will guide you through a process of simplification to attain focus, then help you create an accountability plan and agreed steps for improvement and growth.
  • You want to change your lifestyle. Better business solutions mean better business outcomes and in the process, a better life.

Without a trusted mentor or colleague who will actively listen, many businesses fail needlessly. Many business leaders face the crossroad decision of, “do I want to accept extinction, or stride purposefully towards evolution?”

Are you are ready to commit to change in 2019?

Better Business Solutions, Better Business Outcomes, A Better Life.

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