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Creating a work-life balance is the key to sustainable success.

In my experience:
Better Business Solutions + Better Business Outcomes = A Better Life.
Craig O’Brien

About Craig O’Brien, Perth, WA

About Craig O’Brien - Business Coach

Developing the skills and knowledge to help business owners and leaders has been a 30 year, exciting and diverse journey. My career spans owning and selling successful business ventures, and senior executive leadership roles in global organisations. With exemplary sales, risk and operational excellence my focus is on creating and nurturing sustainable elite human performance practices.
For 1O years I excelled as a senior executive in Asia. My passion to coach others toward achieving business excellence prompted my move back to Perth, Western Australia.

Business Coach / Business Consultant Perth

Business Coach / Business Consultant

When I work with clients I use a blend of proven coaching and consulting techniques. I have undertaken knowledge growth and coaching accreditation as recognised by the International Coach Federation, World leading coaching experts and a leading academic institution—City University of New York.
I received the World HRD Congresses ‘Top 100 Global Leadership Coach award’ in 2016.

 Business coaching clients in Perth

Who are my clients?

I work with a diverse group of businesses all of whom have one thing in common. They each face the challenges of running a business in today’s economic climate.

Business owners and leaders often find themselves feeling isolated. The feeling being ‘alone’ is due to a lack of balanced and structured advice to help navigate business challenges.
My coaching role is to provide the expert advice that fills the business knowledge gaps. In doing so I help business owners and leaders deliver positive outcomes that add value to their business and their lives.

The work and processes I use apply to any business or elite performance situation. The industries I work with range from medical practices, pharmacies and manufactures through to retailers, food and beverage outlets, manufacturers, hospitality providers and more.
Ten million turnover or 500,000—the issues and challenges that arise in business are similar. Only the scale varies.

Qualified Coach


  • Master of Science (Hons) Industrial and Organisational Psychology, The Bernard M Baruch College – City University of New York, New York.
  • Master Practitioner Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP) American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Henderson, Nevada, USA.
  • Diploma of Professional Coaching, Perth, Western Australia.
Professional coach

Professional Membership

  • Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD)
  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Accreditation
  • Marshall Goldsmith Global Leader of the Future (GLOF) 360 Assessment Accredited
  • DISC Advanced and DISC Profile Accredited Consultant
  • Member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Baruch College, The City University of New York Chapter
  • Certificated NLP Master Practitioner, American Board of NLP
  • International Affiliate, Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (SIOP)
  • Accredited member and approved assessor, Team Management Systems
Business Coaching conversations

Like to chat more?

Please email or call me on 0416 155 565 to discuss your business or leadership needs.
Stay in touch by subscribing to my blog, “Fast Facts”.
I’ll share tools to help you identify imbalances in your business (or leadership) and no-fuss strategies to correct them.

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